a lionel richie kind of love

This one made my day:

thank you earth, thank you for the weekend, for the bludgeoned, beaten, breathe of a corpse. lifeless.
this week i learned a few things:

• when supposedly smart people mistake sarcasm for light hearted humour, theyre really not that smart. they just think they are.

• i learned that sometimes the things in life youve been longing for a significant amount of time are those that simply pass away. and you have nothing - absolutely can't do anything to have it, or even witness it (ie. morrissey concert in manila this 13th).

• on top of the country's pressing national issues like starvation, corruption, political embarassment fiascos - cebu made it a top priority to consolidate city ordinance 2241. brilliant guys! apir beh!

• i watched the entire pilot season of homeland last weekend. it made me realize, that perception has always been a clean cut key to any dirty travesty. two nouns and two adjectives mixed can very well make a diffrent idea.

• i seriously hope it rains in the summer party. or at least something very surprising. at least i get to distinguish who came in just for the free food.

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