some things i just dont understand:

• why troll in facebook, when you wont even have an idea if the message gets halfway to the person yer trying to troll?

• why do some people post status messages about being pissed of uploaded photos of starbucks paper hot-drink cups(or anything related to starbucks)? last time i checked its still a free country, right? NB: wikipedia defines insecurity as the lack of security in an objective sense.

• the sight of a group of friends inside the elevator making fun of someone who went in alone. (this happened a while ago, apparently they were laughing discretely at the girl's shoes. pero asa ang mga peste nag gikan? sa tesda.)

• the femalekind wearing a skimpy skirt and then keeps on pulling it down. i mean, seriously...

• why blame on politics/politicians when you didnt even exercise your right to vote?

• post something about the RH bill when you know oh so little about it? its like saying 50shades suck but you didnt even know its a trilogy.

• kani makabuang: if we are trying to be politically correct because we want as much as possible, to minimize social and institutional offense in occupational, gender, racial, cultural, sexual orientation, religions, beliefs or ideologies - where/when does hypocrisy pick up, and lift itself off?

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