6/13/2012 1:26 PM

...so while i was waiting for my three minute pancit canton experience, i saw this on myx. glad to find out that myx has these subtitles just in case the video gets boring. justified, the music video is like a classA John McClane trip. and then, the amygdala posed a question -  what the fuck and then we see here, adam on a greased payphone, background the torched convertible that he used for his escape:  

video clip ended. i feel like i just wasted four minutes of my life. i couldve smoked a stick with that four minutes. with the endless possibilities of how i couldve wasted my cosmic experience with my pancit canton, i referred to the internet:

Rebecca Ford of Hollywood Reporter gave a mixed review, writing: "Although it's fun to see such a big-budget clip from the band, the story line doesn't make complete sense. Since Levine's character didn't rob the bank, why does he keep running from the cops? And why does he leave the pretty lady behind?" [28]

...finally. i seriously thought i was mentally incapacitated.

martha knowall: insecure ka k adam levine?

diego's amygdala: i wish i can say that. i sure would love to admit if thats the case. i mean ive nothing against the guy. my mum has a crush on him, all my exes has crushes on him, hell even those girls(who i held on to with high regard) who despise mark abaya has a crush on him. probbly hes a cool guy. but what made him decide to do the crap that he just did with that video? like when yer the band leader youre supposed to have a say to the kind of video that ur going to do, right?man jim morrisson never did that kind o crap.

martha knowall: adam has a victoria's secret model of a girlfriend, did platinum albums, and three grammys. ikaw? ur sitting in your office typing. si jim? he died a fat guy.

diego's amygdala: perhaps. i concede. i think one music video's enough for the day. at least i dint get to watch those pop korean ones. funny they even have subs for that. i sooo understand latin my friend.lol

martha knowall: well i got one for you. behold the next video:

and there. nicki minaj - starships.
jesus. the world we know it is really coming to an end.

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