douchebaggery like the folkloric aswang, can be in many forms and persona. here's how i came to witness one just a few hours ago.
i was on a jeepride goin to sm to buy vitamins when my attention was immediately caught by this fat guy with a shirt that says something like "accountants are smart". i know it wasnt exactly that but it was phrased smartly, but that was practically the gist. 
so he was talking to the phone in english, complete conyo mode, and people are staring at him because his voice seemed a bit too loud and basically having a conversation in a public vehicle felt too inaudible for a productive conversation. he used technical accounting words like "liability and asset, consolidating audits" with a sneer that resembled a monkey who just farted.
unfortunately i had to endure the entire scenario as he stopped in the same destination. the last thing i heard from him was he asked the other person on the line to discuss what he just discussed the next time they meet. and then i thought, was that just to impress people? because i really thought it made a complete ass out of him. i dont know the guy, but surely speaking in english doesnt make anyone smart. he just made an impression of himself to look smart. 
the heat of the midday sun seemed too intense in negros as the guy wiped his face from sweat, as he vanished in the crowd. 
the douchebaggery of the that guy was simply astonishing.

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