elevator diaries

an elevator trip to VIII floor normally lasts for VI, VII seconds. thats all it needs to take for me to realize i was riding with the devil.
it was three in the afternoon. practically the sun laid its rest sooner than it normally does and its the perfect time for me to smoke. i came back from what was supposedly a lunchbreak and waited for elevator II. the man in a clean suit reminiscent of rice's characters clad in brooks brothers looked pretty much normal to me until the elevator shut its doors. this could be some big hotshot who got a promotion and took a lateral transfer here. i dont know. and probably it was his phone, or fancy wristwatch. but i heard the alarm and he said something that went like,

"you died, jesus, but the source of life flowed out for souls and the ocean of mercy opened up for the whole world..."

i know he wasnt praying, and he wasnt able to continue. from the sound of his voice it sounded like he was mocking. he stopped there and reckoned what i thought was a laugh. the dude just mocked the III oclock daily prayer. in an elevator. in a fancy suit. and i thought, thats something i dont see everyday.
VIII floor/VII seconds felt like minutes, and as soon as i was out of the elevator i said something of an old stupid greeting, 

"und es sprach zarathustra". 

the dude had a grin only the devil can wear. now i know it might not be him, it could be some big hotshot who got a promotion and took a lateral transfer, i dont know. but it led me to believe that a sinister presence is always a fancy way to end my work day. it led me to believe that god's personification is most often veiled with lots of travesties, 
fake actors, 
fake faith healers, 
fake fake fake. 
we hear often that he does things in mysterious ways, 
but today the devil made sure he did it with style.

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