but they are so far out i fear they wont be coming back at all.

most people pity and/or hate the mad ones.
no, its not your most hated relative you see once a year on holidays, nor the judgemental prick you see on facebook. not even the goody two shoe bastard you despicably despise at work. i refer to the ones left in the streets homeless. the ones deprived of social acceptance. 
the non compos mentis.
but i adore these people. 
i envy them.

when we get distracted by the the sound of the streets, they could be listening to jazz, or the philharmonic, or a tchaikovsky.
we might hate the traffic lights and blame the driver right in front of us but all they see are multi million technicolors exploding in infinite bliss.
i envy them when they laugh.
we laugh from social media posts. we laugh because sometimes we need to hide were secretly angered. we laugh because the politician we hate got humiliated by a group... we laugh and laugh.
they laugh because of the simplest reasons they cant explain. they laugh because they know they have tons of cash but their pockets have nothing but candy wrappers and papers and buttons.
they laugh because the sky should be yellow and everyone else sees it blue.
they laugh without inhibition.

theyre not prejudiced. they just do what they fuck they want to do, and speak whatever they want to speak. in essence, they are more free than any of us, theoretically sane people.
i know i may never get the chance to actually have a conversation with them.
because i am not free - 
and they are so far out.
kerouac said that the people for him are the mad ones. 
i guess i feel the same way too.
but they are so far out i fear they wont be coming back at all.

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