a letter to july one to six |

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your week, is gradeA awesome. the concoction of the voluptuous naiveté, strings of unkind senses, and the shape-enhancing cerebral rumba - i love it. with all heart and childish fascination. i remember lawrence ferlinghetti saying his famous lines, "f*ck art, lets dance" - screaming across the city lights...everything so grotesquely painted!

to all the vile people, the beloved dramatis personae in this never ending play in my life - thank you, i love you! (i mean, havent u tried noticing the sense of your tongue inside the mouth when you say the words i love you? je t'aime.. moi non plus? ultimately fascinating.)
i love you dearly! i love you with all the seeping blood in my veins that cries for help, for chaos, for birth of a dancing star.

yours truly,

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