the brute of a pig of a man

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she looked straight at me, waiting to clear up my mouth while chomping all the food inside. i remember answering her that im not from any part of the local newspaper, i think i said im just one o' the guys they hired for the conference photos. by look of her gaze she didnt seem to understand completely what i just said. i practically didnt care. it was probably the best lettuce ive had in months. plus the chopped beef and chili. everything else are blurred images.

jan, seated beside me, leaned forward to read her nametag. i could sense his fascination towards the girl. it could probably be his endearing attraction towards the femalekind and all the physical proportions they flaunt. it could probably be the proximity, the clandestine scent of the cheap perfume doing tango inside the small presscon room. but i sense her being weary, despite the almost wet hair and the hastened makeup, and yeah, the cheap perfume.

"rytt...thats your name?" as he looked straight at the girl.
"its in my nametag." said the girl.
"aw. taysa youre from sunstar, how long have you been around? which school are you from?" -was jan's 20million questions.
"were graduating, from san jose recoletos" i thought was the girl's response.

as for my dear friend jan, this was his sign. after this he went relentless with questions ranging from do you know this classmate whos the cousin of (place name of relative here) whos also his good friend, whos a relative of (place name of friend here), then he went to ask a few more questions re the girl's last name. basically it sounded like he brought a shotgun to supposedly hit the family tree and all the girl's one thousand and seven hundred fifty two friends in facebook.

the girl, being polite, tried to answer the questions as much as she can. however, jan did the unimaginable. here's what i can still remember:

"ahh, taga pasil diay ka?"

i felt like the lettuce clogged my throat. better that than blurting out laughing why he asked that question. everything went downhill right after. the girl coldly asked jan to stop asking questions and continue with the meal since the presscons about to end. i left the room and decided to hit the cigs - laughing out loud.

moral: Que tus palabras sean dulces por si te toca tragarselas!

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