In the Philippines chief censor Henrietta Mendez ordered three cuts of Schindler's List, due to its scenes that displayed female nudity and sexual intercourse, before it could be shown. As a result of these proposed cuts Steven Spielberg pulled the film from screening in the Philippines. As a result of Mendez's actions, Philippine senators demanded the abolition of the Philippine censors board. Senate justice committee chairman Raul Roco stated "such narrow-mindedness precisely shows the dangers of censorship." Mendez argued that "the sex act is sacred and beautiful and should be done in the privacy of the bedroom."[57]

Nice one Tita Henrietta! Because of you, I was forced to rent a copy of this title a year after its screening, in the “restricted” shelves where porn films are located. Because of the likes of you, I am so proud to have stepped foot, alive and bludgeoned in this wonderful nation of hypocrites! apir naman!

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